ACC Meal Provider

Ordering Meal Prep through ACC


Contact Your ACC Representative: 

Reach out to your ACC representative and inform them of your inability to cook your own meals. They are your direct point of contact for accessing Meal Support

Provide Vendor Number VBI718

Share our vendor number, VBI718, with your ACC representative. This identifies us as your designated meal provider.

Specify Your Meal Requirements: Whether you need breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three, communicate your requirements to your ACC representative. You can also include any dietary preferences or restrictions, such as avoiding pork or spicy foods. We currently don't do vegetarian Meals

Place Your Order

Your ACC representative will then send us your order, detailing the meals you require for the specified duration. Our team will ensure that your meals are prepared and delivered promptly please Email

Once your order is placed

We'll handle the task of loading your meals manually for the duration you require them. You'll receive an order confirmation every week your order is active, and we'll include any additional notes to ensure our team packs your meals accordingly. If you prefer to select your meals, you can visit our menu page on the website and send us an email with your meal preferences. Please ensure to do this at least two days before your order is dispatched.

Important information your ACC representative might need 

Business name: Meal Prep LTD

Vendor Number:  VBI718

Email Address:

Shop number 075725788


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does ACC cover meals and delivery?

Yes, ACC covers your meals and delivery for the required duration.

What meals do you offer?

We offer a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Do you deliver to my address?

We deliver nationally using overnight shipping. However, we do not deliver to rural addresses.

How often do you deliver?

Deliveries are made weekly.

Are your meals ready-made?

Yes, our meals are ready to eat. Simply thaw and heat before enjoying.

Is there a shortfall?

No, not usually. We strive to ensure all orders are fulfilled accurately and completely.

How Often do you deliver?

We dispatch orders on Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays and thursdays we can't dispatch orders for delivery on the weekend or on public holidays 

Whats your order processing time? 

Our standard order processing time is typically within one to two business days from Monday to Thursday. However, please note that if you select specific meals, our processing time might be slightly longer. This is because we prioritize ensuring that all meals are freshly prepared to meet our quality standards.

Lunch And Dinner Meals